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Bee Point 24k Edible Gold Leaf 10 Sheets

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Product Details
Clover Product ID: RBWEN1DMV4MDT
UPC: 247550239201

Each sheet measures 0.98" x 0.98" great for small details or those wanting to test out a new edible medium for their creations!

  • 10 sheets per pack
  • Material: 99% Gold and 1% Silver
  • Warning: Edible gold leaf sheets are extremely thin and will stick to anything and everything, we strongly suggest using tweezers or a stiff brush for application to your creations.
  • This edible gold leaf comes in a pack of 10 that are individually wrapped and are sized as 0.98 x 0.98 inches. The thin sheets are bundled in a booklet, with each gold leaf foil separated by the white paper, can be discretely peeled when required
  • This edible gold leaf sheets are made of authentic 24 karat gold, hammered into fine thin sheets.
  • The exquisite and pure gold leaf edible for cake is used for layering or gilding and is perfectly safe for consumption. Use it to make perfect baked gold leaf cakes & cookies or simply spread them on your favorite plate
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