Cerart Shaper Kit 1

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Handcrafted in Italy, only the best brushes carry the name Cerart!
Five must-have tools for sculpting and modeling in softer mediums, specially crafted for the cake decorating community but also suitable for clay (do not cross contaminate between edible and non-edible mediums). The silicone tips are soft to the touch, while a sleek and sturdy robin's egg blue handle make it easy to hold during longer projects.
This set includes the following shapers:
  • Cerart K601 (Tapered Point)
  • Cerart K602 (Rounded Chisel)
  • Cerart K603 (Chisel)
  • Cerart K604 (Angled Chisel)
  • Cerart K605 (Rounded Head)
Product of Italy
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