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Luma's Cake 9 Color Collection

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UPC: 243459221491
: 9 3g Colors

From Javier, founder and owner of Luma's Cake: "In collaboration with @azucren, it is a dream come true as an artist to be able to create my own colors . After many tests, I have found the perfect shades with a unique intensity for a professional result. Do you want to create like me? you need these new colors now!"

Powder colorant developed specially for painting cakes with a high quality pigmentation given its degree of purity and concentration. Store in a fresh, dry place. Product of France.

Limited quantities available only.


  • BLUE – E151
  • YELLOW – E102
  • WHITE – E171
  • BROWN – E110, E122, E151
  • PURPLE – E110
  • ORANGE – E110
  • BLACK – E151
  • RED – E129
  • GREEN – E104
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