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"MOM" Cake Topper

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Product Details
Clover Product ID: MAR3B1EEP3AYY
UPC: 221209370248
: 1.5" L x 5" W

Handmade laser-cut wooden cake topper perfect for Mother's Day or Mom's birthday! The rustic style lends itself to boho and woodsy themes, but can be customized to fit virtually any theme!

Tips and tricks:

  • This topper is designed to be customized! Coat in spray paint, bedazzle in rhinestones, use spray adhesive to set with glitter, or even try paper mache!
  • We recommend wrapping the stick going into the cake in a protective covering (plastic wrap, food grade wax, etc) to prevent cross contamination between edible and nonedible mediums.
  • Handle with care, freestanding pieces are fragile.


Stick: 3" L x 0.2" W

Actual Message: 1.5" L x 5" W

Handmade in the USA!

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