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Mini Sea Turtles Stencil

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Clover Product ID: QAXG251VEJ0BT
UPC: 842254026104

Mini Sea Turtles Stencil

Decorate beautiful cookies and cakes, or..... just add this stencil to your crafting stash.

For cookies & cakes use with: Royal Icing, Edible Sprays, Airbrush


For art or craft projects use with: Modeling pastes or gels, Acrylic Sprays, Acrylic Paints*

  • Sea Turtle Shapes
  • Large Turtle measures about 5.5" tall, Small Turtle measures about 1.75" tall
  • Overall stencil size is 6"x6"
  • BLACK sections in the image are the open sections
  • Wash with cool water or let soak

*DO NOT USE stencil with food products after using with craft supplies.

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