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My Little Cakepop


Mold Instructions:

  1. Place cake ball into the mold making sure to fill all edges.
  2. Press, release, and remove molded cake pop. If using a mold with an open bottom we suggest double molding.
  3. Mold cake pop as usual then remove cake pop, pat down edges, place back into mold and press mold on a flat surface to push the dough back up into mold to flatten any remaining edges.

Tips for best results

  1. Cutting lines can be lessened by not overstuffing.
  2. Use cornstarch sprinkled on cake-pop ball to prevent any sticking issues should you find that your dough is sticky.
  3. Wipe edges before removing cake-pop from mold. A paintbrush may be helpful for this.
  4. Pat down any remaining edges before dipping.
  5. On pumpkin mold due to manufacturing limitations in injection molding the grooves if not indented further before dipping may be shallow. In order to get the deepest grooves possible use a cake pop stick to indent lines (after cake pop has been molded) before dipping.

Cake pop dough consistency

The easiest dough to cake pop with is Play-Doh consistency. The dough should be neither dry nor oily. The best dough can keep its shape without chilling. The dough should be smooth and soft with no lumps or hard pieces.

  1. Our #1 tip in making great cake pop dough is to substitute oil for another ingredient that is less oily. We like to use butter as it is solid, tastes great, and works well.
  2. We get asked all the time what cake pop recipe we use. You can use boxed cakes (no particular brand) but it is very important to reduce the among of oil in the instructions for better results. you can use a food processor to grind to a smooth consistency. We recommend removing any hard or brown pieces and using only soft fluffy cake. This will produce the most flawless, truffle-like consistency.
  3. Add a small amount of buttercream or melted chocolate if needed. Only add one spoonful at a time until you get a dough that sticks together, is not dry but is not overly moist.
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