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PME Fun Fonts #2 Cupcakes/Cookies

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Product Details
UPC: 5060543483949
: 66 Stamps
  • Stamping has never been easier! Add a personal message to your cookies and cupcakes with the PME Fun Fonts.
  • Use on rolled fondant, buttercream, gum paste, modeling chocolate, and marzipan.
  • Suitable for smaller treats such as cupcakes and cookies.
  • Made of quality food-safe plastic with a central line to help position letters. Includes a molded handle for easy use.
  • Contains 66 stamps:
    • 26 uppercase letters
    • 26 lowercase letters
    • numbers 0-9
    • symbols &, !, ? and #
  • Requires no additional tools or equipment.
  • Packed in a strong cardboard presentation and storage box.
  • Packaging contains the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Dutch.

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