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PME Fun Fonts Alphabet Stamping Set #2

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Product Details
Clover Product ID: ME6QZFMZEY2M2
UPC: 5060543483925
: 52 Stamps

PME's Fun Fonts™ Letter Stamping Set lets you add a personal message to you cakes and treats.

  • Stamps can be used on fondant, buttercream icing, gum paste and modeling chocolate.
  • Includes 52 stamps, 26 uppercase letters and 26 lower case letters.
  • The stamps are made from see through pale blue plastic with a central line on them to help you position the letters. Includes a moulded handle for easy use. The reverse side of each stamp shows the letter and a directional arrow to make sure it is in the right position.

Simply press the letters into your fondant, buttercream icing, gum paste or modeling chocolate.

Enhance the embossed letters using icing, piping gel, melted chocolate, sprinkles or paint by using food pens or food paints.

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