Poly Dowels 16" x 1/2" 5 Pack

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: 5 Dowels

Poly-Dowels® Large white cake dowels, 5 Count

Poly-Dowels® Cake supports for multi-tiered cakes (US Patent No. 8,196,879)

16 Inch long and 1/2" inch wide, White color, one package of 5.

  • For use as internal support in stacking multi-tiered cakes. The internal channel is designed for the purpose of supporting the heavy weight of multi-tiered cakes using proper vertical doweling technique inside each tier of the cake.
  • Disposable (single-use suggested)
  • Manufactured in the USA since 2010
  • US Patented
  • US and Canada Registered Trademark Brand
  • Length 16"
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