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Round Silicone Work Mat

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UPC: 858569005802

Multi-Purpose Silicone Work Mat

The Innovative Sugarworks Round Silicone Work Mat is designed to fit a 12" diameter turntable, or to be used as a working mat all on its own. Replace your non-slip mat with this versatile, food-safe, reusable, and easy to clean option. Smooth top surface is printed with cake sizing guides every 1 inch to allow for easy measuring and centering of cake boards.

  • Food-grade work surface
  • Printed concentric circles aid in centering work
  • Professional grade silicone - 12" Diameter
  • Compatible with Sugarworks Artists' Turntable and Expander
  • Reduces slippage of product
  • Easily cleaned and stored which allows for multiple re-uses
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