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Saracino Pasta Scultura (Compound Chocolate) 2.2 Lbs

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UPC: 8051277122652
: 2.2 lbs

Decochoc Pasta Scultura white chocolate sculpting paste by Saracino

  • Decochoc is a brand new, professional quality modelling compound paste specifically designed for cake sculpture
  • Formulated to give a flawless finish – just look at Carla Puig’s breathtaking creation in picture 2!
  • Ultra smooth – dries hard, so is perfect for detailed models and intricate sculptures
  • If product is too hard to work it can be placed in a microwave for 10/15 seconds and heated gently to make softer.
    • Saracino’s ‘Sculpting Modeling Paste is a superb medium for cake artists and chefs – 100% edible
    • Pasta Scultura dries very firm but not rock hard, which is ideal if cutting into a sculpted cake that has already been covered in it
    • Pasta Scultura can also be re-worked by applying gentle heat – perfect for minor corrections or repairs
    • Saracino is quite elastic in feel – bend and shape as much as you want with little risk of tearing
    • For best results handle the paste before use in order to warm it through and to obtain a softer consistency
    • If you feel the paste is still too firm, heat for 10-15 seconds (no longer!) in a microwave oven
    • Made in Italy
    • 1kg resealable pot with inner bag
    • Ingredients: surrogate chocolate (sugar, fractionised and totally hydrogenated fat [palm kernel], whey milk powder, whole milk powder, emulsifiers: E322 & E492, flavourings), sugar, glucose syrup, humectant: glycerol
    • Gluten Free
    • Allergy Info: contains milk – traces of soy, nuts and egg may be present
    • Does not contain nuts but produced in a facility which also handles nuts
  • Store in a cool and dry place shielded from direct light.


  • 1. IS IT A NEW VERSION OF SARACINO MODELING CHOCOLATE? No. Saracino modeling chocolate contains chocolate. Pasta Scultura contains chocolate surrogates.
  • 2. WHAT IS ITS MAIN USE? We create it to work specifically with the “addition” sculpture technique. Its consistency is like clay, you can add or remove as much as you want to the model, changing its shape according to your creative needs.
  • 3. IS IT GLUTEN FREE? Yes it is, like all Saracino products.
  • 4. DOES IT DRY QUICKLY? It dries less quickly than plastic chocolate and can be remodeled by heating or manipulating it. It really depends on the size of the model and the temperature of the room.
  • 5. DOES IT HARDEN? Yes it does when not handled. In the original packaging, the product is solid.
  • 6. HOW CAN I START WORKING WITH PASTA SCULTURA? Once extracted from the bucket, if it is perceived as difficult to mix, it can be cut into small pieces and put in the microwave to soften it. We suggest a maximum time of 10 seconds, constantly checking the consistency of the paste.
  • 7. CAN I MODIFY THE MODEL AFTER A FEW DAYS? Yes you can, by softening the paste gently.
  • 8. IS IT EASY TO MODEL? Modeling is very easy, you can smooth the piece of pasta “added” to the creation with just one finger or with special tools. This is the reason why it is perfect to work on large modeling projects and on edible sculptures.
  • 9. HOW CAN I MODEL SARACINO PASTA SCULTURA? You can work it with modeling tools or with your hands. If you prefer the second option, it is better to use thin plastic gloves because in this way it will not stick to the fingers.
  • 10. DO I NEED TO TAKE ANY SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS BEFORE USING IT? It is better to wear a white coat to avoid “dark particles” on the paste and to wash your hands and to dry them perfectly.
  • 11. IS PASTA SCILTRA AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT COLORS? No it isn’t. It is available only in ivory white color.
  • 12. IN WHAT TYPE OF PACKAGE IS IT AVAILABLE? Currently, it is available only in 1 kg buckets.
  • 13. IS PASTA SCULTURA EDIBLE? IF SO, WHAT IS ITS TASTE? Yes it is. Our Pasta Scultura has a chocolate flavor.
  • 14. HOW CAN I STORE THE PRODUCT AFTER OPENING THE PACKAGE? It should be kept in its original packaging with the lid closed.
  • 15. WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM WORKING TEMPERATURE? We recommend you not using it with temperatures above 27 °/28° C
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