Simi Lollipop Shaker Maker

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This mold does not feature a flap/hole to insert the lollipop stick, you will attach the stick by lightly heating the edge of one side of the lollipop and pressing it into the edge. This creates a better seal and less chance of your lollipop stick from falling out.

Create trendy and fun lollipops in isomalt, hard candy, chocolate, and more! Makes for a fun date night activity, science experiment, or just a little gesture to say "made just for you."

Approximately 2" in diameter.
Instructions, when used with Clear Simi Precooked Isomalt, also available!
  • Pour twice to create 2 separate pieces for the front and back.
  • Clear front and back lightly with a chef torch. (to remove any fogginess)
  • Once cooled, fill with sprinkles or edible pieces of your choice, heat edges lightly, press stick of choice into one side (we recommend traditional paper lollipop sticks as plastic tends to melt under high temps) and gently press both pieces together.
  • Allow to fully cool before consuming.

Can also be used to make chocolate lollipops with a surprise inside (fillings, sprinkles, etc) or circular bon-bons.

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