Square Dowels 12" x 3/8" 14 Pack

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: 14 Dowels

These Square Dowel Cake Supports are a single-use application used as a skeletal structure to support the balance of a stacked or heavy tiered cake. Conventional wooden dowels either push the cake out at the bottom or sides causing tiers to possibly become uneven.

These square dowels are hollow and allow the cakes to pass through the dowel distributing the weight evenly. Using scissors or cutter of your choice, simply cut dowels to the height of your cake or cake layer to easily dowel and reinforce your creation.

Easy to cut with scissors. Food safe plastic.

*These square dowels can be used in combination with our 1/4" x 12" dowels (https://thesweetchaletshoppe.ecwid.com/Dowels-1-4-...), threaded through as shown in the picture, to support more than 3 tiers for extra support.

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