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Welcome to The Sweet Chalet Shoppe Academy!

Class Registration Policies at TSCS:

  • We strive to provide the Central Florida baking community and beyond with the highest quality of instructors, tools, and classrooms for all classes! While we do not vet our students prior to registration (unless at the request of the instructor), we do strongly suggest taking classes within or slightly above your skill level. We encourage you to talk with our staff prior to registering if you are unsure about a class' skill level. Please Call 321-362-4841 for details.
  • No Children's Classes are being scheduled at this time. All current classes are designed for adults or talented teens Ages 10 and up. Please call us for details.

  • When we commit to a class with minimum student thresholds, We (The Sweet Chalet Shoppe) are obligated to send the complete payment to the instructor in advance. Therefore, if you miss your class and do not notify us prior to your class that you are unable to attend (aka "no showing"), we are not able to provide a refund or transfer your seat to another student without previous authorization. Please understand that every effort is made to secure amazing classes and instructors who spend countless hours planning, purchasing ingredients and tools, baking, prepping, and traveling to create the best classes available, just for you!

  • If you can no longer attend a class, you may transfer it as a gift to another person of your choice or sell your seat to another student. Either transaction must be authorized and approved by The Sweet Chalet Shoppe at least 48 hours in advance to ensure the replacement student fits the class' skill level.
  • Note: In the event that a high-demand class is sold out and you can no longer attend, we will contact wait-listed students for that specific class First before any transfers can occur.
  • Registration, including payment, is required to secure your seat in any class. We understand that our offered classes may not fit everyone's financial situation, so we offer payment plans for those that need to budget accordingly. If you need details or have questions please call us at 321-363-4841. The workshop must be paid in full at least one week prior to the class. Certain restrictions apply.
  • In the event we are obligated to change the date (reschedule) or cancel a class, all students can choose one of the following options:
    • A refund equal to the total amount of the class, or the amount paid off on their payment plan, and the remaining balance will be voided. Please allow up to thirty (30) business days for refunds to be processed.
    • A store credit equal to the total amount of the class, or the amount already paid for on their payment plan, and the remaining balance will be voided. Store credit will be available immediately following request, available for use in-store or over-the-phone orders.
    • If the rescheduled date is already announced, students may transfer to the rescheduled date at no additional charge. Students on payment plans may also be transferred to the rescheduled date. If unable to attend the new date, see the options above.
    • Please note: if a class is rescheduled and a student decides to either receive a refund or store credit their seat will be deemed available for purchase by any potential students. If a student changes their mind, they may rejoin the class availability permitting.
    • If a class is canceled with no rescheduled date in place, students will have the option of a refund, store credit, or place holding their payment. Students who paid in full or were on a payment plan will have first priority when a date is announced.

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