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FREE sample od 250g Smarflex Sugar Paste with every order of $35 or more, Storewide!!

Introducing an incredible and unique products, the premium quality velvet sugarpaste… Smartflex!


Undoubtedly the most flexible sugar, modeling, and flower pastes in the world. Unbelievably silky smooth to the touch, with a delicious variety of flavors and captivating aromas. At Smartflex we strive to offer our clients the best top-quality products available on the market, ensuring maximum yield, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

From novice to professional, no particular skill is required or needed to start using any of the Smartflex products, just a little creativity, passion and flair. Our range of products makes each sweet design venture such a pleasure, finishing with stunning results.

Smartflex Velvet paste is so versatile: Cake covering, modeling or sugar flowers – anything is possible. SM VELVET PASTE roll even thinner than your average sugar paste, making it longer lasting and extremely cost-effective. Comparable with Carma-Massa Tocino

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