The Teacher's Lounge

Looking for products to use for in-store displays, photo shoots, class lists, or competition purposes?

Don't want to waste your edible inventory?

Welcome to the Teacher's Lounge!

The products listed in this category are past their BEST BY/BEST BEFORE dates but are still suitable for multiple projects including...

  • Competition Cakes
  • Practice Cakes/Dummy Cakes
  • Photo Shoot Cakes
  • Tutorial Cakes (i.e. Instagram videos, class lists, demonstrations, etc.)
  • Experimentation

With this in mind, we have marked off these products up to 65% off!
Please refer to the item descriptions for specific best by d
ate details.


What is the difference between BEST BY and EXPIRES/ USE BY?

“USE BY” or "EXPIRES" applies to the few products that are highly perishable and/or have a food safety concern within days following the expiry date; these products should be consumed by the date listed on the package and disposed of after that date.
Think items like bread, milk, yogurt, cheeses, butters, and non-preserved fruits.

“BEST BEFORE” (often interchanged with the phrase “BEST IF USED BY”) indicates the date the food is in its best quality. This is typically determined by the manufacturer of the product; however, it does not mean the item is unsafe to use beyond that point.
Most nonperishable cake items fall into this category including (but not limited to) fondant, gum paste, and food coloring.

Items in this category are not eligible for refunds, exchanges, or returns.
By purchasing from this category you acknowledge that these items are past their best by date
and are intended for decorative purposes only.